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Signed Balls & Bats
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Rugby Union All Blacks 1983 All Blacks v British Lions Signed ball. Has 24 signatures from The All Blacks team that won the series in NZ in the Winter of 1983, nice clean ball with clear signatures, "Matthews 5 Club". Signed by J Ashworth, Dalton, G Knight, Haden, G Whetton, M Shaw, J Hobbs, Mexted, Loveridge, I Dunn, B Fraser, W Taylor, S Pokere, S Wilson, A Hewson, R Deans, A Stone, A Donald, G Old, K Borovich, Hika Reid, plus Coach B Rope, mgr & Physio Stokes. Nice historic item  View 850 M9728
1988 All Black ball signed by the 24 players and coaching staff chosen for the two test series against Wales in 1988. The All Blacks won convincingly 52-3 at Christchurch and 54-9 at Auckland. Great players include McDowell, Fitzpatrick, Loe, Gary and Alan Whetton, Michael Jones, Buck Shelford, M Pierce, B Deans, Fox, T Wright, W Taylor, Joe Stanley, Kirwan, Gallagher, Goldsmith, F Botica, G Bachop, Brewer, A Anderson and Boroevich plus Wyllie, Sturgeon and Abercrombie. Nice presentation ball  View 750 M456
1990 All Black Signed Test Ball signed by the squad of 25 players who played in the successful 3 test series against Australia. It was in this series that Australia broke the NZ unbeaten 23 match sequence in Wellington. A host of great player signatures on this ball including Kirwan, McDowell, Fitzpatrick, Ian Jones, Gary & Alan Whetton, Brewer, Zinzan, G Bachop, Fox, T Wright, W Little, John Timu, Kirwan, Crowley, S Mannix, Purvis, S Gordon and more including coach Alex Wyllie. The nucleus of this side went on to France and later the 1991 RWC. The ball is a Sandico "The Grizz Super Grip" and has the name of G Bachop near the stitching, suggesting it may have belonged to him. Excellent Condition.  View 450 M444
1991 All Black Ball signed by the complete squad and management for the game against Romania on the 9/6/1991 in Auckland. Signed by All Blacks M Allen, R Brooke, O Brown, M Carter, E Clarke, D Seymour, J Hewitt, N Hewitt, B McCahill, J Preston, Wayne (Buck) Shelford, G Dowd and Jason Goldsmith. 27 signatures in all. A successful team as the NZ XV beat NZ Universities 37-12, Romania 60-30 and USSR 56-6 in 12 days!  View 300 M2848
1993 All Blacks SIGNED Invincible size 5 Ball. Complete squad and management from the 1993 First test team against the British Lions in NZ. 24 Signatures including FITZPATRICK, Brown, Dowd, Ian Jones, R Brooke, J Joseph, Michael Jones, Zinzan Brooke, A Strachan, Grant Fox, Tuigimala, W Little, BUNCE, E Clarke, John Timu, M Cooksley, Jon Preston, M Allen, A Pene, Matthew Cooper, Laurie Mains, E Kirton, N Gray and Paul Thorburn. A great test series for the All Blacks.  View 500 M1517
1993 SIGNED Full-sized Silver Fern Ultragrip Ball. Signed by the 1993 All Blacks including Bunce, Cooksley, M Jones, Stensness, J Wilson, Zinny, S Forster, I Jones, Brewer, B Larsen, Fitzpatrick, little, Timu, O Brown, Colin Meads, s Bachop, G Bachop, Loe, Dowd, L Mains and more.  View 300 M4791
1994 All Black Signed ball from the Series against South Africa. Some of the 28 signatures are faded but still a great memento. Includes Timu, J Wilson, Kirwan, Bunce, Bachop, Brewer, Cooksley, Jones, larsen and more. NZ All Blacks Official Ball. ADIDA Webb Ellis  View 225 M2591
1994 All Black Signed Silver Fern Rugby Ball. Hand Signed by 24 players and Management including Shane Howarth, R Loe, W Little, Brewer, R Brooke, Cooksley, Zinny, S Bachop, G Bachop, M Jones, Jeff Wilson, J Timu, F Bunce, Iremia, O Brown, C Dowd, Larsen, Forster, N Hewitt, John Preston, Fitzpatrick plus Colin Meads (mgr), Laurie Mains (coach) & Earle Kirton (asst coach), signatures nice and clear  View 350 M12756
1996 All Black Signed Ball by the victorious team to South Africa. First All Black team to win a series in SA. 24 facsimile signatures include C Dowd, Fitzy, O Brown, Ian Jones, R Brooke, Michael Jones, Kronfeld, Zinzan Brooke, J Marshall, Mehrtens, Little, JONAH LOMU, Bunce, Jeff Wilson, Cullen, Rush, S Mcleod, Jon Preston, B Larsen, Bull Allen, Hewitt, J Wilson, Ieremia, John Hart (coach), G Hunter and Mike Banks (mgr). Excellent item of Rugby History  View 135 M2587
1996 All Black Signed Silver Fern Maxi-Grip Rugby Ball. Signed by 20 players and Management from the successful series-winning side against SA in SA for the first time, signatures include Fitzpatrick, Kronfeld, O Brown, Bull Allen, Reichlemann, J Marshall, Scott McLeod, Zinzan Brooke, C Spencer, Jon Preston, Merthens, Jeff Wilson, Glen Osborne, Ian Jones and Coaches John Hart & Ross Cooper  View 185 M10854
1996 All Blacks in South Africa Hand-Signed Ball. 23 match day Signatures including Jon Preston, Mcleod, E Rush, R Brooke, Zinny, Merthens, M Jones, Culhane, Jeff Wilson, Dowd, LOMU, J Marshall, Cullen, Fitzpatrick, O Brown, Little, Bunce, Kronfeld, Larsen plus Coach Hart, Ross Cooper & G Hunter (both asst Coaches) and Mike Banks (mgr)  View 300 M12754
1996 SIGNED full-sized All Black "The Grizz Super Grip" Ball. The incomparables team and one of the most successful ever, beating SA in SA in a test series for the first time. 22 Signatures including O Brown, J Wilson, Larsen, Dowd, Rush, Zinny, M Jones, Kronfeld, Cullen, Fitzpatrick, Little, John Hart (coach), McLeod and more  View 295 M4789
1996 SIGNED full-sized NZ All Blacks Gilbert Ball. The incomparables 1996 team and one of the most successful ever, beating SA in SA in a test series for the first time. 18 Signatures Including Bunce, Fitzpatrick, Chresten Davis,Carlos Spencer, Blackadder, Ieremia, Culhane, Blowers, Hewitt, Barrell, Coffin, and more. Has an inscription "To the Auckland Airport Travelodge from the All Blacks '96"  View 295 M6159
1996 SIGNED full-sized NZ All Blacks Gilbert Ball. The incomparables 1996 team and one of the most successful ever, beating SA in SA in a test series for the first time. 21 Signatures Including Bunce, Fitzpatrick, Chresten Davis, Glen Taylor, Blackadder, Ieremia, Culhane, Blowers, Spencer, Hewitt, Barrell, Marshall, Coffin, little and more. Has an inscription "Presented to the Auckland Airport Travelodge from the All Blacks '96"  View 295 M4790
1997 All Blacks Domestic Test Squad Hand-Signed Gilbert All Black Rugby Ball. 23 match day signatures including Fitzpatrick, Spencer, C Dowd, T Aindell, J Tonu'u, Cullen, F Bunce, Bull Allen, Kronfeld, inny, Stensness, Ian Jones, Jeff Wilson, M Carter, O Brown, A Oliver, S Mcleod, Osborne, J Marshall, Tana Umaga, Jon Preston & R Brooke  View 350 M12753
1998 Signed All Black Ball. Gilbert Barbarian Size 5 Signed by 23 of the players plus 3 coaching staff. Lovely condition, signed to commemorate the 50th Test between South Africa and the All Blacks on 25th July 1998, at the home of rugby, Athletic Park!. Signed by Dowd, A Oliver, O Brown, Ian Jones, R Brooke, Michael Jones, Kronfeld, Raindell, Marshall, Carlos Spencer, LOMU, Little, Mayerhofler, Jeff Wilson, C Cullen, McLeod, Mehertns, Tonu'u, I Maka, R Willis, C Hoeft, Hammett and Vidiri, plus John Hart, Wayne Smith and Peter Sloane. Lovely momento of a great rivalry  View 395 M450
2001 All Blacks Adidas Size 4 All Black Ball Signed by 17 of the tri-nations squad including LOMU, C Dowd, Kelleher, Marshall, Howlett, Jeff Wilson, Tana Umaga, Randell, Mehrtens, Meek and D Hewitt.  View 315 M1522
2003 All Blacks RWC official size 5 Gilbert autograph Ball SIGNED by the 26 players and 3 mangement. Includes D Carter, J Collins, S Devine, Hoeft, Howlett, Jack, Kelleher, A Mauger, McDonald, Mealamu, C Ralph, Rokocoko, Sommerville, D Braid, C Spencer, B Thorn, R Thorne, Tana Umaga, A Williams, Mitchell, Deans and mgr Thorpe. Nice All Black item.  View 595 M2588
2004 All Blacks 2004 Size 5 Signed Ball. 28 signatures on this one from the Tests against England and Argentina including Tana Umaga, Kelleher, McCaw, Sommerville, Hayman, Mehrtens, Woodcock, Rokocoko, Mealamu, Evans, Hore, Collins, Spencer, Maling, Daniel Carter and all the stars.  View 585 M2365
Auckland Blues 2000 Auckland Blues Super 12 signed Ball. Official Gilbert Super 12 size 4 Ball signed by 15 Blues players. Signatures include A Cashmore, T Flavell, D Howlett, A Blowers, R Brooke, Carlos Spencer, K Mealamu, X Rush, K Mealamu and O Ai'i.The most successful Super 12 team to date and full of stars. An attractive item in official Super 12 livery.  View 275 M41
2003 Auckland Blues Signed winning ball. Stirling Sports Size 5 ball signed by 21 of the Blues squad including Carlos Spencer and X Rush.  View 250 M457
Auckland NPC 1987 Auckland Signed Ball. One of the greatest sides ever at a time when NZ rugby was at its peak. Gilbert Ball with 22 great signatures including Michael Jones, Alan Whetton, J Hewitt, Robin Brooke, Zinzan Brooke, Frank Bunce, Gary Whetton, Sean Fitzpatrick, C Dowd, Kirwan and more. One of the truly great teams of the modern game. A bit tired and worn reflecting its age but all there for the discerning collector.  View 200 M443
1989 Auckland signed ball. They say NZ is strong when Auckland rugby is strong. This was one of the best sides ever to play in NZ. Silverfern Ultragrip Size 5 Ball signed by 20 of these superstars, holders of the Ranfurly Shield, Coronation Shield, NPC and just about everything else. Many fine players listed including Michael Jones, E Clarke, Gary Whetton, Alan Whetton, C Dowd, M Carter, Robin Brooke, Sean Fitzpatrick, Zinzan Brooke, T Wright, John Kirwan, Grant Fox and more. A great item for the collector.  View 350 M447
2003 Auckland NPC signed ball. Firestar Team Trainer Size 5 with 13 signatures including Howlett, G Braid, Sam Tuitupo, B Mika, J Christain and Carlos Spencer.  View 225 M466
2003 Auckland NPC signed ball. Firestar Team Trainer Size 5 with 20 signatures from the winning squad of 2003. Signatures include Howlett, A Williams, A MacDonald, D Braid, Tuitupo, Brett Ward, B Mika, X Rush, L Stensness, Calos Spencer, E Clarke and O I'E. Winning team, winning ball!  View 275 M465
2007 Auckland NPC Championship winning team SIGNED Full-Sized Ball. 23 signatures including Braid, Smith, Stanley, Kaino, Afoa and more.  View 350 M4788
2008 Auckland NPC Ball, signed by 24 Auckland players from the 125th Anniversary season. Nice attractive commemorative item hand signed by players such as Nick White, Helleur, David Smith, Jay Williams, C Lowery, Haukinima, Grayson Hart, Tom McCartney, Rokocoko, Winston Stanley, Peter Saili, Daniel Braid, Munro, Goebel, Moa & Ben Atiga  View 175 M12749
Australia 1982 Australian Rugby Tour of NZ, Full Squad SIGNED Adidas Black tipped Ball (smaller size). Some great Australian Rugby Signatures here including Steve Williams, Stan Pilecki, Tim Lane, David Campese, Roger Gould, Steve Cutler, Steve Tuynman, Michael Hawker, Gary Ella, Mark Ella, Glen Ella & Philip Cox. 30 Signatures in all  View 250 M10991
British Lions 1959 British Lions Ball Signed by the complete team that toured NZ. Older style leather laceup "Match" brand ball with 30 signatures clearly visible. 26 Signatures are clearly visible including Test players Davies, T O'Reilly, P Jackson, D Hewitt, B Risman, Mulligan, H Morgan, N Murphy, Mulcahy, R Williams, Prosser, Mcleod, Dawson (cpt), Marques, Meredith, ken Smith, Butterfield and Wadell. Only 2-3 have faded. Excellent historical item from one of the most successful Lions Tours  View 1250 M2209
1968 British Lions Tour of South Africa Fully Signed Ball of 33 Signatures, An Eastern Province RFU mitre International Leather Ball in great condition with clear signatures, Signed during the second test against the Springboks. Signatures include such great names as Gerald Davies, Gareth Edwards, Mike Gibson, Bob Hiller, Keith Jarrett, Barry John, Tom Kiernan (capt), Maurice Richards, Keith Savage, Willie John McBride, John Pullin, John Taylor, Jim Telfer, Jeff Young plus Ronnie Dawson (coach) & David Brooks (mgr). Winning all but one Provincial match but losing the Test Series, 6 of the team utimately changed codes and played Rugby League.  View 950 M8473
1971 Signed Rugby Ball, Matthews Typhoon Brand, Signed by 30 Lions Players, Doug Smith (mgr) & Carwyn James plus Colin Meads in his last Test for NZ. Lions players signed are John Bevan, A Biggar, G Brown, S Carmichael, Gerald Davies, John Dawes (cpt), Dixon, D Duckham, Gareth Edwards, M Gibson, Hiller, Hipwell, Hopkins, Barry John, Laidlaw, Lewis, S Lynch, McBride, Ian McLauchlan, Ray Mcloughlin, J Pullin, D quinnell, M Roberts, F Slattery, J Spencer, J Taylor, D Thomas, C Rea & JPR Williams. The first and only Lions Side to win a series against the All Blacks.  View 995 M10857
1977 Signed Rugby Ball, Universal Dunlop Brand, Signed by all 32 of the touring squad, the signatures number to 34 but there is no 24 R Uttley or 25 G Wheel, both of which were injured prior to departure and replaced by Jeff Squire & Moss Keane (nos 33 and 34 respectively). A fantastic side, packed full of talent and led by Phil Bennett they went down 3-1 in the tests, losing the 4th in the dying minutes 10-9 at Eden Park. Some household names on this ball includes Phil Bennett, John Bevan, Gareth Evans, Steve fenwick, Mike Gibson, Andy irvine, ian McGeechan, Dougie Morgan, Egan rees, Peter Squires, JJ Williams, B Williams, D Burcher, Gordon Brown, T Cobner, Fran Cotton, Willie Duggan, Moss keane, Allan Martin, Tony Neary, Phil Orr, Graham Price, Derek Quinnell, Jeff Squire, Peter Wheeler, Clive Williams, Bobby Windsor plus Signed by George Burrell and Coach John Dawes. Signed at the beginning of the tour and does not include the 3 replacements ie Bill Beaumont, Charlie Faulkner & Alun Lewis  View 550 M10856
1980 British Lions Signed Ball, Fully signed by the originally selected 32 players and management from the tour of South Africa. Signed by some of the great Lions including Bill Beaumont, Ollie Campbell, Colclough, Fran Cotton, Terry Holmes, Alan Martin, J O'Driscoll, Graham Price, Derek Quinnell, D Richards, Jeff Squire, P Wheeler, C Woodward plus S Millar and N Murphy. Nice clear signatures from British Lion Alan Martin's personal collection.  View 850 M3545
1993 British Lions 1993 Avaro Size 4 ball with 25 signatures from the players and management including G Hastings, Clement, Evans, Rory and Tony Underwood, R Wallace, W carling, Cunningham, S Gibbs, Guscott, Rob Andrew, Dewi Morris, R Jones, Dean Richards, ben Clarke, Teague, Bayfield, Cronin, Burnell, Leonard, Popplewell, B Moore, Cooke (mgr) and McGeechan.  View 650 M2364
1993 Brown Gilbert "Match" Full-Size Ball signed by the entire squad of 35 players that made the tour to New Zealand in 1993. All Signatures nice and clear. Includes R Andrew,Carling,M Johnson (GOD), Guscott, Gibbs, G Hastings, Leonard, Richards, Teague, R Underwood, T Underwood, Winterbottom, R Jones, S Barnes, M Bayfield, B Clarke, I Evans, Poppelwell and Management Mcgeechan, Bevan, Robson and Murphy. Nice item.  View 900 M3695
1993 Signed Official Adidas RWC match ball, 30 clear signatures from the players signed during the tour, including Martin Johnson. Looks like they have tried to sign in alphabetical order with the exception of Cunningham and Wallace from Ireland and Robert Jones from Wales! Starts with Rob Andrews and finishes with Peter Winterbottom  View 850 M5941
2005 British Lions 2005 Official Lions 2005 Gilbert Size Ball with 42 signatures. All the key players - great memorabilia from the latest British and Irish Lions.  View 550 M2363
2005 British Lions tour of NZ Official replica GILBERT size 5 Ball. Nice Brand new item for the Lions tour of NZ in the winter of 2005. 4 styles to choose from. Price is for individual ball  View 85 M1975
Bulls Super 12 2002 Bulls Super 12 team from South Africa Signed ball. Avaro International Rugby Match size 5 ball signed by 25 of the team including Hougaard, F Welsh, D Roussouw, Nel, E Fredericks, Du Preez, Coetzee, Human, Botha, roux, Leonard, V Matfield, Bezuidenhert, Bands and Cronje. Nice item from the republic  View 245 M2088
2003 Bulls Super 12 Signed Full sized adidas Ball. 18 signatures from this fine side including Rudy Joubert (coach), John Williams (asst), V Matfield (cpt), Roux, E Botha, Krause, Stydom (mgr), Van de Westhuiyzen, Bokkies, Groenewald, Roussoux, L Koen, Van Heerden, Coetzee, Barnds, Dale Santon & Cronje.  View 275 M6462
Canterbury NPC 1998 Canterbury NPC Fully Signed Rugby Ball with 23 signatures including G Sommerville, D Hewitt, S Surridge, Chris Jack, Scott Robertson, N Mauger, Merthens, Con Barrell, Norm Maxwell, MacDonald, Gibson, Blackadder (cpt) plus Steve Hansen & Robbie Deans (coaches). A successful year, the team gong through to the Semi-Finals as 3rd Seed.  View 150 M10851
2003 Canterbury NPC Signed ball. Firestar Team Trainer size 5 with 17 signatures from the squad that made the Final against Auckland. Signatures include Scott Hamilton, D Hewitt, Ralph, Daniel Carter, Chris Jack, Broomhall, Robertson, Mehrtens, A Mauger, Corlett, N Mauger and more  View 275 M464
Cardiff Signed Gilbert Rugby Ball on the occasion of the game played between Cardiff and Fiji at Cardiff Arms Park on the 28th October 1995. Signed by 21 Fijians including Rayasi, Bale, Sorovaki, Little, Bari, Turuva, Veitayaki, Cavubati, Katalah, Tawake, Tamanivalu, Rouse, Korovou, Bolobolo, McClennan and 21 Cardiff players including J Humphreys, Mastoe, Wakeford, D Jones, V Davies, Owain Williams, E Lewis, A Booth, A Davies, Simon Hill, Mark Ring, S John, S Ford, M Rayer, H Stone, H Bevan, K Stewart, M Griffiths & H Taylor. Nice item from a thrilling match won by Cardiff 22-21.  View 295 M9892
Crusaders Super 12 1996 Super 12 Canterbury Crusaders signed ball. Gilbert size 5 signed by 21 including such stars as R Thorne, Sommerville, S Hansen, Blackadder, R Deans, D Gibson, L McDonald, S Surridge, Andrew Mehrtens, Norm Berryman and a young Chris Jack. The most successful Super 12 team ever.  View 275 M1518
1999 Canterbury Crusaders SIGNED Size 5 Gilbert Ball. Signed by 19 players including A Mauger, Mehrtens, Feek, C Barrell, S Forrester, James Kerr, N Mauger, Blackadder, S Surridge, G Sommerville, Justin Marshal, C Ralph, Steve Hansen (Wales and now AB asst coach), D Hewett and D Gibson.  View 275 M1507
2003 Canterbury Crusaders Official Gilbert Super 12 Ball signed by 23 of the squad. Signatures include Daniel Carter, Broomhall, S Robertson, Scott Hamilton, Nathan Mauger, Ben Blair, D Hewitt, Chris Jack, Mehrtens, Marshall, R Thorne, A Mauger, Sommerville, Ralph and more. Nice looking and very presentable  View 275 M462
France 2002 Stade de France official size 5 Ball. Purchased at the France -v- England 6 Nations match in 2002 (won by France!). "Taille 5" be rug be  View 75 M449
2003 France Rugby World Cup Ball SIGNED Gilbert Size 5. Official RWC French Memorabilia. SIGNED by 18 French Players from the 1/4 final game against Ireland in Melbourne. Great Item!  View 650 M1512
General Full Sized Rugby Ball full of sponsors, Young & Lee Tours, Governors Bay Hotel, KC fence Systems & Duckmanton Decorating  View 20 M7214
Highlanders Super 12 2003 Highlanders Gilbert Size 5 Signed Ball. 18 signatures including Steinmetz, Cooper, Jeff Wilson, C Hayman, Tuilevu, Ropati, J Wilson, K Middleton and more. Great "scarfie" ball for the bookcase.  View 275 M470
Ireland 1994 Ireland Side to Australia SIGNED ball, Mitre 10 Brand, Full Size Super 10 Topsport, Signed by 36 Ireland players and coaching staff on the tour including Danaher, Elwood, Geoghegan, O'Shea, Alain Rolland, Shane Byrne, Clohessy, Corkery, Captain M Bradley, Galway, Halpin, Paddy Johns, McBride and Keith Wood. Nice full collection of signatures  View 250 M8471
Llanelli Scarlets 2003 Signed Rugby Ball by 16 players of the Llanelli Scarlets inaugural 2003 year. Llanelli Scarlets (who later changed their name to Scarlets in 2008) were founded in 2003 as one of the five (now four) regional teams created by Welsh Rugby Union, playing at Stradey Park. In 2003 they won the Celtic League and reached the final 8 of the Heineken Cup. Signatures include Simon Easterby, Chris Wyatt, Matt Cardey, Dafydd James, John Davies, Stephen Jones, Scott Quinnell, Gavan Edwards, Robin McBryde, IestynThomas, Taliesin Selley, Luke Gross, Matthew Watkins, Neil Boobyer and Barry Davies  View 100 M10836
Mealamu, Kevin Ball Signed by Kevin Mealamu, 132 Test Match All Black over 13 years, nice clear signature  View 75 M12752
Nike Nike Full Size 5 Ball, Airbloc System technology - 4 panel balance technology, sounds good!  View 25 M7213
North Harbour 2001 North Harbour Adidas Hand Signed Ball. Signed by 33 North Harbour Players from the 2001 squad including Rico Gear, Tony Alatini, Rodd Penney, Mark Robinson, Craig Newby, Anthony Tuitavake, Matua Parkinson, Rua Tipoki, Tevita Taumepeau, Liam Barry, Nick Evans, Ozzy, Blair Urlich, Russell King, Joe Ward, Tony Woodcock, Phil Weedon, Willie Walker, Matt Lord, Frano Botica, Slade McFarland plus Buck & Blair Larsen. A fantastic period in North Harbour rugby finishing 2nd in the Round Robin and playing a home Semi-Final.  View 195 M12751
Northland 2010 Northland rugby team signed ball. The Taniwhas Ball is an attractive item with union logo and a cartoon style Taniwha, full size from ASB, Signed by 16 players including J Payne, McKenty, L Munro, Holwell, Wallis, Pryor and Griffin,  View 100 M6453
NSW Warratahs 2000 NSW Waratahs Official Gilbert Super 12 SIGNED ball. Signed by 17 of the playing team including C Whittaker, Welbourn, Matt Burke, Stcherbina, B Cannon, S Staniforth, Reilly, T Bowman, R Harry, Sam Payne, Matt Dunning, Besseling, M Brial, M Edmonds, Phil Waugh and Des Tuiavii. Attractive coloured ball with nice clear signatures.  View 275 M1523
NZ Development 1994 NZ Development Team to Argentina SIGNED ball. "The Grizz Super Grip" full size ball signed by 20 exciting players including current and future All Blacks John Mitchell, Glenn Taylor, B Larsen, Cooksley, Blackadder, Alama Ieremia, Jeff Wilson, S mannix, L Barry, Shane Howath, Lee Stensness, Norm Hewitt, Steve Gordon plus other stars Dean Angelsey, Nick Moore, John leslie, Gordon Slater, Konia, C Stephenson and Slade Mcfarland.  View 300 M1506
NZ Maoris 2002 NZ Maoris ball signed by 23 of the touring party to Australia & NZ. Adidas NZ All Black ball Size 5. Played that great comeback game against Australia before losing 27-23. Signatures includeGreg Feek, R Robinson, D Manu, M Parkinson, R Randle, C Flynn, Carlos Spencer, W Walker, Deon Muir, Rico Gear, K Ormsby, R Flutey, R Nicholas and S Jackson. Plenty of young talent and future or current All Blacks.  View 350 M455
Other Navaro brand Size 5 plain ball suitable for those elusive signatures!  View 8 M463

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