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Cricket Cards
Sport Subcat Description Picture Price NZ$ Order Id
Cricket A & B C Gum 1961 "1961 Test Series" English & Australian Test Cricketers, from a set of 48 just Harold Rhodes from this unnumbered set  View 5 M11426
A W Allen 1936 A W Allen Confectionary Cricketers, 11 of 36 available, sold as singles  View 10 M6211
1938 Cricketers, just one and its worn, the coloured ones produced by the confectionary Company A W Allen,  View 3 M11408
A. & B. C. Gum 1954 All Sport Series, from a set of 120 we have No65 Alan Watkins, together with a separate hand-signed Autograph, price for both  View 12 M14945
ACB 1995 Cricket Pods produced by the Australian Cricket Board, from a set of ??, have a bunch in stock, price per pod  View 1 M11432
1997/98 Official Australia Cricket Board Cricket Stickers. Each has a trvia question on its back. Some available from this set of 156?  View 2 M4773
Amalgamated Press 1926 Amalgamated Press, Test Match cricketers, given out with 'Champion' in 1926, Full Set of 32 available, rare, some have been trimmed  View 250 M6292
1934 "Sportsmen of the World" from a set of 32 comes an unnumbered card of Woodfull, the Australian Cricketer  View 5 M11411
Ansett 1997/98 Select Ansett Australia Test Series, just 12 in the set, all with prefix "AA" 1-12, a few available  View 5 M10354
Ardath Tobacco 1935 "Sports Champions" from a series of 50, title in 2 lines (NZ edition), Number 2 is Don Bradman $10, the rest $3 each, Full Set $135  View 3 M11424
1935 Ardath Cricket, Tennis and Golf Celebrities, 30 cricketers available (nos 1-30) from this set of 50 cards, Brown Backs (NZ) & Grey Backs (UK), some of each  View 6 M4724
1935 Cigarette Cards "Cricket, Tennis & Golf Celebrities" (Grey Backs) 50 of 50 Ardath. Sold as set - 30 are cricket  View 100 M6204
1936-1937 Ardath Photocards "From the 1936/37 series of Test Matches in Australia", 11 photocards Nos 166-176 available as singles Group G  View 4 M4726
1937 Ardath Photocards complete set of 17 English Counties Nos 179-195, sold as singles  View 4 M4727
1938 "Cricketers" A continuous Series of Topical Interest" England v Australia 1936 and Len Hutton card unnumbered  View 5 M11429
Ardmona 1980/81 Ardmona 1980 - 1981 International Cricket Cards. Ardmona Collector Cards Series 3 with the full set of 50 colour portraits, India/Australia/NZ players - the cards do not appear to be numbered. Complete set in box, mint condition  View 150 M3762
Australian Dairy 1982/83 "Butter-em-up" Australian Dairy Corporation issued 1983 Cricket cards of Australian, West Indies and Pakistan World Series Players, rare full Set of 54 cards, sold as a set, excellent condition  View 100 M5408
1983/84 Australian Dairy Corporation issued 1984 Kanga cricket Series of cards depicting Australian, NZ, Pakistan, India, West Indies, England & Sri Lanka Players from the WSC, Rare full set of 60 cards plus 3 Summary cards in excellent condition, sold as a set  View 100 M5409
1993/94 "Butter-em-up" Set of 54 Cricket Cards from NZ, England & Australia World Series Cricket  View 75 M9856
1993/94 Buttercup World Series All Stars Cricket set of 24. Australia, South Africa and NZ Players in this hard to find set  View 50 M9855
1995 Buttercup Issue, 3 cards from the Australian v West Indies Series, price for the 3  View 10 M11419
Australian Licorice 1931 Australian Licorice - Australian cricketers, singles available from this set of 24 Produced by Australian Licorice PTY Ltd, GIANT Brand Licorice, 13 available, rare, price per card  View 25 M6285
Autocards SIGNED Limited Edition card No 8 Don Sheppard. Produced by the Cricket Memorabilia Society and limited to 100, this is number 44 and is hand-signed in 2003  View 12 M14946
Barratt & Co Ltd 1926 "Australian Cricketers" Action Series from a set of 16, just one card, rare  View 10 M11409
BAT 1926 British American Tobacco (BAT) Anon issue of 1926 "English Cricketers". Photo cards, set of 25 complete, same as NZ version but no makers name on the back, rare, sold as a set  View 130 M10397
Bodyline Books Nice postcard sized picture of Colin Blythe, left-armed spinner who played for England from 1899 to 1914. From the golden Age Greats series  View 8 M15110
Boguslavsky, Alex 1925 "Sports Records", 1st series of 25 cards from Turf Cigarettes, includes a cricket Card No8, sold as a full set  View 50 M11450
1925 Turf Cigarettes Sports Records 1st series No 8 Cricket - Highest Score in cricket (in series 1-25). Alexander Boguslavsky Ltd.  View 5 M10858
Boy's Magazine 1930 Boys Magazine ZAT Cards crickets from a set of 11, some singles available  View 20 M4537
Brindley, John 1886 Cricketers 4th Series, set of 30 County cricketers, sold as a set, reproduced in 1986 by John Brindley. Nice cards with oval picture and facsimile signature  View 45 M6377
1900 Cricketing Greats, set of 25, sold as a set, reproduced in 1985 by John Brindlay  View 30 M6375
Capstan 1907 Capstan Cigarette Cards "Australian and English Cricketers" 20 reprint cards available, price per card  View 1 M3325
Card Crazy 1995 Card Crazy High Velocity NZ Cricket set of 90 - all available as singles.  View 0.3 M1047
1995 Card Crazy NZ Card Crazy Authentics Inserts Double Trouble 8 in set. Thomson & Lance Cairns are available  View 7 M1922
1995 Card Crazy NZ Card Crazy Authentics Inserts Master Blaster 11 in set. All singles available, can do a set of 11 for $50nzd. Have the uncorrected Edgar card showing M Crowe only.  View 5 M1921
1995 Card Crazy Set of 90 NZ Cricket cards 1995 Card Crazy Authentics. Basic Set  View 20 M1920
SIGNED Astle, N 02 Card Crazy Signed by Nathan Astle 1995  View 20 M128
SIGNED Cairns, C 05 Card Crazy Signed by Chris Cairns 1995 High Velocity  View 15 M131
SIGNED Cairns, C 63 Card Crazy Signed by Chris Cairns 1995 Ultimate Attack  View 10 M188
SIGNED Cairns, Chris NZ Allrounder, Crazy Card 1995 International record card Signed by cairns  View 10 M2496
SIGNED Chatfield, E 72 Card Crazy Signed by Ewen Chatfield 1995, Ultimate Attack  View 10 M152
SIGNED Coney, J 43 Card Crazy Signed by Jeremy Coney 1995, In Command  View 10 M155
SIGNED Crowe, Martin - Master Blaster No 3 Insert Card 1995 Card Crazy Set  View 25 M120
SIGNED Crowe, Martin No 08 Card Crazy Signed by Martin Crowe (high Velocity) 1995  View 15 M119
SIGNED Crowe, Martin No 45 Card Crazy Signed by Martin Crowe (In Command) 1995  View 15 M118
SIGNED Crowe, Martin No 52 Card Crazy Signed by Martin Crowe 1995 (Most Test Catches)  View 15 M112
SIGNED Crowe, Martin No 55 Card Crazy Signed by Martin Crowe 1995 (Highest Test Partnership - 467 runs with Andrew Jones)  View 15 M113
SIGNED Crowe, Martin No 61 Card Crazy 1995 NZ Cricket SIGNED Card  View 15 M11396
SIGNED Doull, S 10 Card Crazy Signed by Simon Doull 1995 High Velocity  View 10 M127
SIGNED Fleming, Stephen 13 Card Crazy Signed by Fleming 1995 High Velocity  View 15 M104
SIGNED Gemon, Lee NZ Wkeeper and Captain Crazy Cards 1995 No 15 Signed by Gemon  View 10 M2501
SIGNED Greatbatch, Mark NZ Batsman Crazy Crads 1995 No 16 Signed by Greatbatch  View 10 M2502
SIGNED Hadlee, R 64 Card Crazy Signed by Richard Hadlee 1995 Ultimate Attack  View 25 M182
SIGNED Harris, C 17 Card Crazy Signed by Chris Harris 1995 High Velocity  View 10 M130
SIGNED Jones, Andrew 23 Card Crazy Signed by Andrew Jones on plastic slip cover - 1995 High Velocity  View 10 M177
SIGNED Larsen, G 24 Card Crazy Signed by Gavin Larsen 1995 High Velocity  View 10 M133
SIGNED McMillan, Craig NZ Batsman 1995 Card Crazy No 84 new Blood Signed by McMillan  View 10 M2517
SIGNED Morrison, Danny NZ Bowler 1995 Card Crazy card No 26 High Velocity Signed by Morrison  View 10 M2515
SIGNED Parore, Adam - Master Blaster No 9 Insert Card 1995 Card Crazy Set  View 25 M129
SIGNED Parore, Adam No 30 Card Crazy Signed by Adam Parore (High Vellocity) 1995  View 10 M123

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