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Other Cards
Sport Subcat Description Picture Price NZ$ Order Id
Athletics Brooke Bond 1979 Olympic Greats Set of 40 produced by Brooke Bond Oxo Ltd of the UK, Full Set available  View 50 M4538
Lovelock, Jack 1935 Ardath Another older card of Lovelock No40 from a set of 50 Sport's Champions NZ edition from Ardath Cork Cigarettes  View 25 M1599
1935 Gallahers 2nd Series "Champions" From a series of 48 Cards is Jack Lovelock No 19  View 25 M11463
1936 J A Pattreiouex Ltd Issue of "Sporting Events and Stars"Jack Lovelock, legendary Miler and Olympic 1500m champion. This is Number 35 of 96 cards  View 35 M2674
1936 Jack Lovelock cigarette card No 113 from Photocards series by Ardath Tobacco Co Ltd  View 45 M2427
1937 "British Sporting Personalities", W D & H O Wills set of 48 medium sized, includes Lovelock Card 35 M2627
1937 Churchmans "Kings of Speed" No 46 Jack Lovelock  View 25 M11462
1937 Godfrey Phillips "Sportsmen - Spot the Winner" with inverted backs Full Set of 50 includes 2 athletics cards including Lovelock No 6, sold as a set  View 120 M11436
Picture of Lovelock sitting down post 1500m German Olympics. Captured as a card in a series of German Olypia 1936 cards. Print on back is in German 80x120  View 45 M1391
Football Carerras 1935 "Popular Footballers" from Carerras, From a set of 48 I have around half to be sold as singles  View 3 M6396
Churchman 1938 "Asscociation Footballers" from Churchmans, a full set of 50 cards available, A series, price for the set  View 100 M6397
Godfrey Phillips 1937 "Sportsmen - Spot the Winner" with inverted backs Full Set of 50 includes 12 Football, sold as a set  View 120 M11434
Hignett Bros 1935 Football Caricatures, from a set of 50, some singles available  View 7 M4553
Hornet 1965 "Top Cup Teams" cards presented with Hornet Magazine (UK). Unnumbered cards include Wales, Rangers, Spurs, England, Ireland, Scotland, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Celtic, West Ham, Liverpool and Brazil. Price per card  View 5 M4346
John Player & Sons 1926 John Player & Sons "Footballers Caricatures by RIP", set of 50, 1-25 are Football, all 25 Football singles available or set of 25 for $60  View 3 M4275
1928-29 "Footballers", 2nd Series, nice set of 25 in excellent condition, sold as a set only  View 90 M6389
1929 John Player & Sons "Footballers 1928-9 2nd Series", set of 25, most singles available, price per card  View 3 M4277
1930 "Association Cup Winners" set of 50 (1883-1929) Complete set  View 150 M4524
1934 "Hints on Association Football" set of 50, most singles available, per card  View 3 M4525
Lamberts 1959 Football Clubs and Badges Cigarette cards, full set of 25 cards, Lamberts of Norwich, Tea Specialists, sold as set  View 40 M7238
Ogdens Ltd 1926 "Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours", from a set of 44 cards, most singles, condition worn, see scan, price per card  View 1 M11449
Other Amalgamated Press 1922 Amalgamated Press, Sporting Champions, 66 In the set, came with "The Champion" Sports Magazine - some singles are available 20 M4563
Ardath 1938 National Fitness Set of 50 cigarette Cards, NZ (Non-adhesive set) issue, full set available here $25, singles $2 2 M15117
Ardath Tobacco 1930 Big Game Hunting, set of 24, some available 5 M4605
1932 Eastern Proverbs, set of 25, some available 3 M4602
1935 Cigarette Cards "Cricket, Tennis & Golf Celebrities" (Brown Backs- NZ Issued) From a set of 50 Ardath. Sold as singles  View 3 M6205
1935 Cigarette Cards "Sports Champions" Set of 50. Title in 2 lines (NZ Edition), sold as singles, Bradman $10 all others $3, Full Set for $135  View 3 M6206
1935 Silver Jubillee, Set of 50 Cards, most available as singles 1 M6497
1936 British Defenders, set of 50, some singles available 1 M4651
1936 Modern School Atlas, set of 96, some available 2 M4612
1936 Proverbs, set of 50, most singles available 3 M4649
1937 Ardath Tobacco Co Ltd "Swimming, Diving & Life-Saving", set of 50 available here, singles $2 each  View 60 M4601
1937 Our Empire, set of 50, most singles available 2 M4654
1939 Stamps rare and Interesting, set of 50, some singles available 2 M4619
Boguslavsky, Alex 1925 "Sports Records", 1st series of 25 cards from Turf Cigarettes, includes a cricket Card No8 plus many other sports, sold as a full set  View 50 M11451
Carreras (UK) 1925 Orchids, from a set of 24, some singles available. Nos 6,8,9,12 and 24 left 2 M4850
1927 Famous Men, set of 25, some singles available 2 M4596
1927 Views of the World, set of 27 Photos, some singles available 1 M4597
1928 Christie Comedy Girls, set of 25, some singles available 2 M4637
1929 Notable Ships Past & Present, set of 25, photos, some singles available 2 M4652
1948 Turf Cigarettes Olympians 1948, set of 50, cut to size, some singles available  View 4 M4540
1949 Turf Slides, Sports, set of 50, cut to size, some singles available  View 4 M4541
Cavanders 1926 Ancient Chinese, set of 25, Full Set available  View 85 M4604
1926 River Valleys, set of 108, some singles available 0.5 M4618
1927 beauty Spots of Great Britain, set of 50, some singles 1 M4650
1928 Ancient Egypt, set of 25, some singles available 2 M4631
Churchman 1939 Kings of Speed, W.A. & A.C. Churchmans set of 50, most available including the Lovelock Card ($10), all other singles, full Set $60  View 2 M6387
Dominion Tobacco 1930 U.S.S. Co's. Steamers, set of 50, Domionion Tobacco Ltd Wellington, most singles available 5 M4577
Gallaher (UK) 1934 Gallaher Limited Park Drive Cigarettes "Champions" A Series of 48 coloured cards, captions on front, a few available 4 M6279
1935 Gallaher Limited Park Drive Cigarettes "Champions" 2nd series of 48 coloured cards, 17 cricket and includes golf, boxing, swimming, rowing, equestrian,athletics. Nice set  View 85 M3474
Godfrey Phillips 1930 Evolution of the British Navy, set of 50, some singles available 1 M4600
1936 Famous Minors, set of 50, some singles available 1 M4616
1937 "Sportsmen - Spot the Winner" with inverted backs Full Set of 50 includes 13 cricket, 12 Football, 12 Equestrian, 4 Boxing, 3 Tennis, 4 Speedway & 2 Athletics (including Lovelock) sold as a set  View 120 M11435
1937 Coronation of their Majesties, set of 50, some singles available 1 M4617
1937 This Mechanised Age 2nd Series, set of 50, some singles available 1 M4633
1938 Aircraft, set of 50, some singles available 3 M4645
1938 Famous Crowns, set of 25, some singles available 1 M4638
1939 Our Dogs, set of 36, most singles available 2 M4648
1939 Soldiers of the King, set of 36, some singles available 1 M4639
Hignett Bros & Co 1927 Beauties, MF50 cards from Chess Cigarettes, most singles available 2 M6496

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